Small, dark, scary looking clouds

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Small, dark, scary looking clouds

Post by Sirianta on Mon Feb 21, 2011 10:22 pm

Last night I had a dream that me and my husband was riding on a quad bike / 4 wheeler. We were on our way to my mother in laws house. My hubby was driving but I was sitting in front. I looked to my right and everywhere in the sky, but very low hanging, as if I could touch them was these small clouds. They scared me. They were a dark grey colour. My husband drove very fast, enjoying this and I saw that in front of us was a bump in the road. I was so scared that I might fall off the bike. But as we went over this bump, we went through the air and luckily I didn't fall off. My husband drove very fast not only because it was about to rain, but he was enjoying the speed.

But these clouds stays with me. They were moving the whole time and I really felt uneasy about them.

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