On my knees Crying

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On my knees Crying

Post by robertrayclark on Mon Feb 21, 2011 1:07 am

I was in a jail it was light. In front of me in a separate room was a jailer. He threw a chain to me and asked me to put it in the shackles on my legs. As I did it I was suddenly on my knees with my head on the ground in a praying position sobbing and he says, You get something for good behavior, I don't recall what it was and we get an extra 5 or ten dollars for good behavior I don't recall whether or not he said if that was hourly but when he said that I stopped crying, really sobbing. Suddenly I was sitting about 20 ' away and I laughed and noticed there was a man behind me watching me and I got a bit self conscious of my sobbing and I said to him well ya gotta be able to laugh at yourself. Then there was a girl I remember from long ago that I never really knew that well but the jailer said something to her and she had a man there and they began kissing passionately. The jailer then said for them to go outside to their people so they could be with them. Then I awoke.

I have a feeling its not about going to jail but as of yet I have not the perceivable discernment to decipher my dreams, help from those with Almighty Gods gift of discernment are requested and most appreciated. Many blessings! RRC

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