Jesus - my childrens room

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Jesus - my childrens room

Post by Sirianta on Sat Feb 19, 2011 10:26 pm

Last night dreamt that I went into my two children's room and looked at the clouds through the window. It was beautiful colours, red, purple, orange and blue. Then I saw a man with his back turned to me. I knew it was Jesus!! This all happened as if it was inside the room on something like a. Big screen at the movies. I so wished I could see His face. He then turned around as if He knew what I was thinking and looked at me and walked of the screen to the right looking at me the whole time.
Then I saw Jesus doing a summersault (spelling? Lol) in the air in slow motion!

Irl my little boy asked me why we can't see Jesus. I said to him that we sometimes dream of Him, but he should ask Jesus that he wants to see Him. I also pray that God would open up my childrens spiritual eyes although they are still very small. Maybe this is God saying to me that He will answer my prayers?

Love in Christ
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