Driving vehicle & someone trying to pull my girlfriend out

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Driving vehicle & someone trying to pull my girlfriend out

Post by bbb0807 on Fri Feb 18, 2011 2:17 pm

I had a dream last night that I can actually remember. Me, my girlfriend, her son & my daughter, were in my 95 Ford truck driving slow on some narrow shopping street in Fullerton and my girlfriend asked me if her door was locked and I said yes and as soon as I said this a big creepy 5 o’clock shadow guy opened her door and was trying to pull her out of my truck so I stared hitting him but it did not faze him at all so I floored my truck and he was still trying to pull her out until he eventually could not hold on any longer and he fell away and soon after that I hit the front right corner of a bus and the front of my truck was destroyed but we were all ok and the bus was all smashed as well. People were all around and everyone was really nice because they saw what had happened and they were trying to help us all feel better. The bus driver was really nice and said don’t worry about any of this we will take care of it. Then we were walking around some old Fullerton neighborhood talking to different people and there were cats and dogs everywhere and my old cat Scab kept sitting on my lap and was all happy and purring and then we all just kind of wondered around and then I woke up.

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