Jesus In Prison (Sheep) DREAm

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Jesus In Prison (Sheep) DREAm

Post by rebuilderofthebreach on Fri Feb 18, 2011 1:12 pm

Last night I had a dream that went like this...

I was witnessing the dream as a viewer (3rd person) and not participating in it. I saw whom I thought to be Jesus in a prison. He was sitting in all white and looked depressed/disappointed. He uttered these words "I give up" as he saw a goat come from a cage in front of him. Jesus stayed in the cell. All of a sudden a sheep appeared next to Jesus. A sheep whose wool was whiter than the clothing on Christ. All I can remember saying is "even though this sheeps wool is pearly white, JESUS is still Purer. Still Holier. Still Whiter". I can't remember what happened after this immediately but I remember being transported to a store (in the first person) and walking past a Porno magazine section (my struggle). In the dream I think to myself "I know I shouldn't go back and look at this magazine", but I do so anyway. Right when I'm about to open the magazine my alarm clock goes off and I wake up.

I pray the spirit of the Lord touches your heart and gives you the meaning of this dream.

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