Crocodile, Obama, bus

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Crocodile, Obama, bus

Post by masgogo on Fri Feb 18, 2011 3:00 am

I had 3 dreams in one night, first one, i had a dreram about crocodiles, they were coming towards me but did not attack. If i turned to left they were there or right. But thing is i was not panicking or scared.

Second dream - my husband and i were in a friends house with many people, then it time for my husband and i to go home. We had to catch the bus, so the bus was waiting outside. People started boarding, then an old lady came to me and said i have just picked this up (earing and a fastening pin) and i do not know who it belongs to. I said to her i know who it belongs to, i will take it to the house. So i say to my husband go in the bus and save me a seat. So i go back to the house and i find that it was a church and in there was a woman dressed in black and white (you know they way catholic priest wear black with awhite collar). She was standing with a pastor whom before i got baptised had prophised that i needed to be born again. So this lady says let me introduce you to this man and i tell her i know him already. We speak with the pastor for a short time , then i remember hey i came to leave these things and get on the bus. So i ask this priest if i could leave the earing and pin with her, they belong to so and so. She refuses, and during that time she was reading the bible loud but cant remember the scriptures. i leave the earing and the pin on her desk and as i am running out i am thinking oh ineed the pastor to pray for me, but he was no longer there. So i am running towards the bus and bus condactor is blowing the whitsle for the bus to leave. So i shout wait and she stopped the bus.

third dream. Similar house again as the second, only this time Obama turns up and starts talking to me about a terrorist attack (which to my surprise i knew about) something about uranium. So he was asking for my phone number telling me that he will phoning from time to time about this. he also asked about a certain friend of mine and how often do i see her. So i ask Obam if he has a phone, and he says no, so we are now looking for a peice of paper to write my phone number ( in my mind i asking myself what kind of a president travels withou a piece of paper). Then i took a piece of white paper out of my pocket wrote my number. So he departed. Then the next thing i am seeing this huge bus coming and it stops right in front of me. Guess who it was Obama driving so he says to me i have come to pick you up get in. So i did. Are all these dreams related.

One last thing the day before yesterday i had a dream about me wearing a ring silver with a crystal stone.

insights any one???

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