Outing to the park

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Outing to the park

Post by Rocky123 on Fri Feb 18, 2011 2:43 am

My daughter had this dream this morning.

My dream started out as all of us and the church going on an outing to this outdoor play area with big slides like a theme park, but no rides just slides and stuff. It had rocky cliffs to dive into this clear calm sea. We were all walking round this curved park to go to this place where the moon was clear. We all got to sit wherever we wanted to so that we could listen to this talk that someone was giving. Even the kids were staring and listening all apart from mummy. I ran after her saying please come back, but she told me to go away. I still followed her to the rocky cliff where she was going dive into the sea. Mum was skinny. She dived into the water with this old lady and young girl who had long hair like a mermaid. This lady had a dinghy that she let mum lay on and I got in the water which was nice and warm. This bird started to circle above mummy and I said to mum "I think they have a word to give you mum". And mum would not budge. Suddenly there was a few choppy waves around mummy in the sea but not around me, the old lady and friend. I said again "Mum, I think that if you don't go and get your word then Jesus will just have to force you there. At that moment mummy's dinghy turned over and mum fell out. She then got up to go see what this word was. I then woke up from this dream.

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