church and putting old clothes and other objects away

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church and putting old clothes and other objects away

Post by rachel07 on Thu Feb 17, 2011 6:43 pm

i had this dream where i was lookin in the sacturary door and i saw my guy friend and he was sittin next to this lady.. i imediantly thought he prolly likes her or is flirting. then he got up and i saw another young man who is the husband of the laddy sit by her. and i felt like conviction and a check in my spirit that i was jugding him and tthat i have the wrong idea of him.. then i say out loud wow i have the wrong idea about him hes not like that at all. then he i see alot of old clothes mabe some toys or somthin and im busy at putting them away. and my guy friend comes up to me and starts talkin to me and i believ he wanted me to come join him with somethin but i knew i couldnt cuz i had to put all the old things away soo he says ok kindly and i feel him watching me and i saw him help me a little bit.. and i begin folding some clothes and put them away.. then i think church was over and it was time to go and i looked and thought i acompleshed some big things..

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