Is it Christmas or my birthday?

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Is it Christmas or my birthday?

Post by unaday* on Thu Feb 17, 2011 11:32 am

I had to post this dream- it was very odd. I have been praying for an interpretation. I want to see if anybody has any thoughts on this:

Dreamt that Traci(a high school friend) and her husband rang my doorbell to come over. It was Christmas time. I knew it was Christmas and it was apparent by the decor. We had invited them and the kids to come over. I opened the door and I stepped one foot out to hug and greet them. Traci had one daughter in her hand and her husband had the other daughter in his hand. They were only about 1 year apart. They were both giggling cooing and fussing. I remember thinking it must be hard to handle to babies so close in age! They finally stepped inside the house now. Traci's husband gave me a big hug and kiss on the cheek and said happy birthday and I answered back, merry christmas to you too' then it registered to me that he just said happy birthday but its Christmas and not my birthday! Then Traci's mom came in and I remember thinking oh! the mormon lady and Traci pointed to my parents in the kitchen for her mom to join them - she was a bit shy but she went. Her mom's dress caught my was brown and reminded me of an oversized potatoe sack.
> Then Traci and her husband's two girls toddled in and two other young kids toddled in beside them. They were standing in a line. Traci's two daughters first then a little boy who was a little over a year and a little girl around 3-4 years old - these two were of my nationality. Then Traci's husband said to me just play with them and say merry christmas and they will get all excited and happy. I stooped down beside the two kids and I grabbed the girl close to me and the cute boy looked up at me I said merry christmas and they smiled.

Help please.
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