running through DC

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running through DC

Post by APickARNG on Wed Feb 16, 2011 7:42 pm

My recruiter was at my house for some reason but it was like he lived next door and we saw his daughters through a window and they were making lemonade and food. He was saying I cant have any of the food they are making its too fattening.
We all went to this parade at what seemed to be DC. I was in my uniform. My family, friends and I were walking in the snow. There were flag twirlers. We started to all run and I had no idea why or where I was supposed to run. And then our group started calling me back cause I ran too far. It felt like chaos. I was kinda mad that we were running because it was in the snow and I was getting my uniform all messed up. There was nowhere to sit so my mom and I started walking in circles going up the stairs and down the stairs. Some lady stopped me out of the whole crowd smiled at me and thanked me for my service.

Thank you for your comments and interpretations
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