better training and freerunning

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better training and freerunning

Post by APickARNG on Wed Feb 16, 2011 10:00 am

had a dream that I had jumped into like a quarry with a rope swing with a bunch of different cadets
Also in my dream I was in line with a bunch of military people. I had my class A’s on but in front of me I saw someone with the class A’s on but also navy ones. I then put on my nike hightops. I asked about bringing ipods when deployed. One of the trainers said you could only bring cd players or windup mp3 players. Then whom I recognized as Jason started walking through all the military people and picking people out. It was pretty much all HS people, like Alex B, Annie J, and others. I then found myself alone on some stairs facing an open field. I took my backpack off and started stuffing my manual in it (it was my AAS manual). Jason then said to me, “You will be even better than before. I’ll give you better training. Even better than the semester before.” I then tied my nike tops tighter. I started following Jason and asking if he was going to go as military. He said, “My parents really want me to go demolition, that’s where all the money is, but I don’t know.” We then proceeded to run (kinda like free-run) through a mall. we went to this building where I met up with my group who I was supposed to train with. We started running through the building, trying to not create patterns and not let the other teams detect which way we were going. I then couldn’t find my group after a while so I started making up my own route. When I got to the end, my Dad was there. Asking me how I got there so fast? How I beat him there? I said I took a shortcut.

Thank you.
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