dead cat, someone dying

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dead cat, someone dying

Post by divineone on Wed Feb 16, 2011 7:40 am

This dream was involving more than 1 scene but I don't know whether they tie together or not. There was a dead cat behind a door of a room. There were maybe 2 people (don't know them) guarding the entrance into the room so the kids would not come in and see the cat. I was on the side of the door whee the kids were (they seemed like my kids, but mine are grown and these seemed like young ones). I was telling them not to go in the room. They didn't know why I was saying this. Then the scene switched. I don't know where I was but knew it was me there because I was saying I needed a word from God, then I saw a white guy (I saw his face, but unfamiliar to me). He said happily, I have a word from the Lord for you & I appeared happy to hear this, then the scene switched again to someone that used to be my neighbor. It was like someone was saying, Trike died (Trike, her nick name is my former neighbor) and I began to weep and then woke up. Never got a chance to hear the prophetic word. I'm also seeking God for interpretation.

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