church, hotel, class reunion, unruly kids, leaky pipes -- oh my!

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church, hotel, class reunion, unruly kids, leaky pipes -- oh my!

Post by kay on Tue Feb 15, 2011 9:54 am

I think I've been led to this site, and I almost think I know what this means, but I'm looking for confirmation, and wanting to make sure this is coming from God, and not myself.

Earlier this morning, I woke up at 5:30 exactly. Strangely, this happens a lot. I had been in a "how to pray" bible study this summer, and something the author remarked on was that when he was awakened earlier than normal for no apparent reason, with the awakenings happening around the same time each time, that he finally felt that God had something to tell him, and began the habit of getting up then and there and going into prayer to listen for God. As this has happened to me repeatedly, I have also gotten in the habit of praying, although it's not unusual for me to drift back off to sleep. This morning, I was awakened, I saw the time, and I said, "okay, God, I'm listening." Unlike the other times, I had a vivid dream that I remembered, and it had me stumped for most of the morning. I have asked God for the interpretation, and as I said, I found this site, so here goes:

I dreamed that my husband and kids and I were passing through a hallway, kind of a combination of our old lobby at church (before remodeling) and a hotel hallway. I could tell by the slant of the light coming through the windows that it was close to sunset. In the hall were people from my high school, as if we were having another class reunion. One person who I never really had much of a connection was there, although I did not recognize her at first. A woman in our weekly bible study, as well as a fellow alumna, was also there. She's normally blonde, but in my dream, her hair was very light, almost dazzling blonde, and shorter, and she was wearing a dazzling white Chinese-style dress (with frog closures, asymmetrical).

After we stopped and talked with her, we made our way around the corner to where the hall widened out to look like the big hall in the newly remodeled section of our church, but then it ended up at what looked like hotel rooms. In one of the rooms, apparently, was where our bible study was meeting, as we found our teachers and the other members of our group in there. There were also lots of kids running back and forth. We were all sitting on beds trying to have a bible study, and a former church member was there, and she was trying to take over the class, but got mad and left because we wouldn't let her teach. We tried doing the bible study again, but all these kids kept running through the room, making noise, and running between the beds, so we were constantly interrupted. At the same time, water was leaking from the bathroom onto the carpet, and every time we walked on the carpet, it was sopping wet, and if we picked up our feet to keep it off the carpet, we got the bed wet. The lighting was also rather dim, and the room smelled like an indoor pool (damp and chlorine-ish).

Finally, it seemed that the group reached some sort of consensus, that between the bad room, the interference of this former church member, and the interruptions from the kids, we were going to have disband the bible study, but my husband and I didn't want to, because we felt we needed to be doing this.

What does all of this mean?

And I have to add that the former church member, in reality, is someone who was a founding member of our church and then left about 6 years ago. During the time she was at our church, I think I may have spoken 10 words to her, tops, so I know that she is definitely symbolizing someone else, instead of literally.

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