On a raft with a white sail

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On a raft with a white sail

Post by James Gerald on Sun Feb 13, 2011 10:51 am

i was on a raft sailing down a beautiful stream,the raft had a white sail on it, the sky was beautiful blue no clouds,
some one i love very much was with me on the raft i saw we were coming up on some faster moving waters i thaught oh whats going on i looked ahead and saw looked like the water was going over something (waterfall) could not control raft said jump, jumped off raft and swam to shore, tired i looked around and i could not see the one i loved, i laid my head down crying then i got up crying and was walking away and the next thing i know the one i thaught i lost came running to me.(end dream)

The return of a loved one, it is what it said!

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