On a Battlefield

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On a Battlefield

Post by Charity-Rose on Sun Feb 13, 2011 8:24 am

I recently completed a 40 day pray and fast on Sunday of last week. My fast was for, a deeper and closer relationship with Jesus: to hear, understand and follow only His voice, the breaking down of strongholds in my family members lives: especially strongholds of the mind, some of my brethren in Christ, against occult practices in my country and for the leadership of my country to give their lives to Jesus.
During this period of time I had many dreams. Especially @ the halfway point and during the last ten days of the fast. This is one of the dreams I had during the last ten days.
I was on a battle field sitting in my own small war tank, at the back of a long line of other tanks. On the opposite side was another line of tanks, but it felt like they were against me and those in my line.
Suddenly, I found myself at the front of our line still in my tank. A man who seemed like he was the leader for the opposite side, shouted at me ,"Who placed you here,get back to the end of that line where you belong!"
I did not move. I felt determined to stand my ground. I saw a sister in my church who is a prayer intercessor come and stand between me and this man. She turned to him and shouted back at him, "She's not moving from here and you can't make her!"
She then faced me and said to me,"I have fought against them and won and you will too." Then she showed me on a map of the Middle-East, three countries where she has fought war and conquered. One was a major city where she told me I would do battle there and win too.
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