animals: baby chick and tiger

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animals: baby chick and tiger

Post by agdade 7790 on Sat Feb 12, 2011 6:10 pm

In my dream I was with my husband waiting in a car. in front of the car there were some baby chicks, i opened my door to get one, i used a piece of clothe to get his attraction and a squirel came to atack the piece of clothe, it left and then the baby chick came to me and i got it but this one poop on my skirt. My husband asked me to give to him but i put it on floor.
another dream, my husband and i have some animals we were raising them, in a corral we had goats, dogs, young cow ,and more but, a young tiger was with us, most of the time, like a pet, it was close to me and pee on my skirt, i was mad in that moment and i told my husband am going to buy some food for them, when i was going to change my clothe my husband came to me and he put the tiger in the bathroom.
is the second animal that do something to me, what's could it be?

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