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Post by James Gerald on Sat Feb 12, 2011 1:15 pm

i get a phone call one day i'ts about my x brother in law seems he had a massive heart attack not shure if he is going to make it, HE says go see him so i go HE say's touch his hand for me hold it do as I say, so i get into the room he is out cold his wife & daughter are there i touch his hand as instructed, he lifts his head abruptly looks at me wide eyed then imediatly his head goes back down out cold, i hold his hand, HE says to me enough you tell them he is going to be fine the next morning i get a call they say the doctors said???, they said they are sending him home this morning he's ok.

little peices of my journey HE always was saying I BLESS YOU MORE THAN YOU KNOW! I TEACH YOU, I MOLD YOU I MAKE YOU MY son
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