Another weird warning dream I think?

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Another weird warning dream I think?

Post by MaddCB on Fri Feb 11, 2011 10:52 pm

Okay so this another odd dream, this really has me stomped.
I dreamed that there was this woman who was talking to me but I really wasn't listening to her. She looked familar but at the same time she was a stranger to me. The scene changes and I'm walking in dojo with martial arts instructor, he telling me that "never histate with the enemy. Never give the enemy an chance to strike." He says this after my first attempt to stop this "talking friend/stranger". I throw the lady to the ground and stop short of ramming my elbow into her throat. I stop because I know that move can end her life. So I get another chance at this and well I follow through on the move.
I've been on high alert lately since that Lion dream! Even now, my spirit is on high alert because of something that a happened. I feel more like an Lion guarding their terrority and any unknown will get taken out. No mercy. Don't care if its a person, place or thing. I mean that's how I've been feeling lately. Even got a word following the Lion dream. Proverbs 22:3

There is also this "real life" particular person that makes me feel very wary of, but it could be this person's position in the situation. Regardless, I feel I'm put on high alert concerning this person and their intentions. But it ain't me who's watching(if that makes sense?) I feel like the Lion is watching this person/situation and the moment this person/sitution moves this Lion will strike with intent. I'm just standing behind the lion.

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