Dream filled with death and suicide

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Dream filled with death and suicide

Post by lovelywomanofvirtue on Fri Feb 11, 2011 1:53 pm


I had a dream the other night that shook me so bad....it woke me up early in the morning..and all i could do was pray and bind and rebuke and release some things. It was so real and vivid. Here it goes:

I was at work, and for some reason, it was the day of the funeral for one of my co-worker's baby's mother. It seemed like a sad day, and then, another one of my co-workers, we will call him Derrick, found out that his wife and daughters had been killed. I am assuming it was in an accident, that is the feel that I got from it. So, he was quiet when he got the news, and he decided to stay at work, so he went to his office.

I was sitting in my office, and i looked out my door, and I saw the receptionist turn her head, then get up screaming, "the body" "the body" "a body". And i got up out of my chair, and I went up front to see what had happened, and i looked in Derrick's office, and he was laid in the doorway with blood everywhere, he had slit his throat.

The next scene came, and the receptionist was running up the hall, still panicked, and I went to her, and grabbed her in a bear like hug, and just started praying. I remember i prayed so hard, and I could feel her body relax, and she got herself together. Then I walked back to my office, and she and another co-worker of mine was in there and Derrick, was sitting in my chair looking dishevled, and his color was gone, and you could see the cuts in his neck, the wierd thing was he had two...one on the left and one on the right side of his neck. They weren't all the way healed up. You know how a cut looks when it is just sliced...and the bleeding has stopped? That's how that looked. And he was looking so depressed. i reached my hand out to touch his shoulder, and he was like, no, don't. I said, I am just trying to comfort you Derrick. (I assume that he didn't want me to pray for him, thats the feeling I got in the dream). But that was the end of my dream. I am thinking that it has something to do with the body of Christ...I am not sure. All i know is, when I woke up, I bound the spirit of depression, suiciide and death in the name of Jesus and loosed, life, hope, and joy......any insight? This dream really disturbed me.

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Re: Dream filled with death and suicide

Post by Guest on Fri Feb 11, 2011 3:57 pm

“Derrick” will have a new beginning but it is one that he will become depressed and dead in the spirit. His denying you to pray over him means that is he really dead in the spirit and something evil has got a hold over him. You got this dream because God wants you to be a prayer warrior over this person.

Please pray for a confirmation and over this person. To God be the Glory, amen!


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