Soles of right foot and tuxedo suit

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Soles of right foot and tuxedo suit

Post by Veramo on Fri Feb 11, 2011 8:08 am

I had the below dreams two days ago.

I saw myself in a room with my sister, younger cousins and friends. When I entered the room it looked so full of people and they all have very wide congratulatory smiles on their faces for me. I also had a huge smile on me. My cousins called out to me to congratulate me. As I was walking towards them (my sister & cousins), I felt my foot was up and a tingle on my sole. I turned around to look at my foot and saw a friend or another adult cousin holding my foot and scraping out very hard calluses from the sole of my right foot. I smiled and thanked her that she didn't have to do it. I left the room to go out, as I was leaving a sister/friend/mentor ran after me with smiles all over her face to give me something, which happened to be money. She said it's a gift from the same person who scraped my soles. The money was part of the things she'd been saving up for her wedding but since it doesn't seem to be happening, she decided to give it to me. I went back into the room to thank her. Just as I was walking in, another group of cousins stopped me to congratulate me and let me know they're happy for me. Everyone was just congratulating me and I was with all smiles. My sister-friend/minster/mentor asked if I have some food that she's hungry, I opened the fridge and showed her the leftover soup we have.

I then saw myself & my immediate younger sister in a neighborhood asking a few young guys if there's a place I can buy a very good quality male tuxedo suit in the price range of $300-450. I said to the guys, my sister & myself that I have to show him(my real-life boyfriend) that he can buy a quality tuxedo suit at this price range.

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Re: Soles of right foot and tuxedo suit

Post by Guest on Fri Feb 11, 2011 9:52 pm

You are being prepared for your walk with Christ and as the "Bride" of His Church; hence a covenat relationship with God. Remember the 7 Brides Parable, in which some were ready for the groom and the others were unprepared. This dream seems to reflect the on ewhere you were waiting for your "Groom".

God is great, God is good! Thank you Father for your Revelations! amen and amen


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