Landscape and traveling

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Landscape and traveling

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This dream occurred last year (01/10/10), but this morning I had a similar dream. I was sitting in a school or some educational setting. They were having a meeting or some kind of training. At some point, I got up and left out of the room. On my way out, I encountered a group children and Tracey, I said something to her and the children, but I do not what it was. I turned down a walkway that was to the left. Then I encountered Chandra, she said she would give me a ride to the parking lot. We made a left down another sidewalk and got out of the parking lot. We made another left to get to the parking lot. When we finally get into the parking lot, I told Chandra your car is not here it is on the other side. As we backed out the parking lot, we hit a car on the side with the back of the SUV. We looked to see if there was any damage Chandra said, If you think its okay let's go on or let's stay. After seeing there was no damage, we left, making a left out of the parking lot. As we drove down the highway, the landscape changed to (green) rolling hill and different buildings. We came to another intersection and made a left. As the landscape changed there was a sign or billboard with Malcolm X, Booker T. Washington, (?)(Barren, dirt). As we passed the billboard, the landscape changed again. I came to a dead end and there was a narrow opening that was a wood fence on both sides, too narrow for the SUV to go through. I tried to back up and the landscape was different again (sofas?) The dream ended.
This morning (02/4/11), I had a dream that was very similar to the one above. I was somewhere in a car and I thought I knew where I was and I was trying to get to the airport. As I got on the ramp, the landscape changed and instead of driving, I was walking through some type of campus or school. The building was not kept and some seem to be abandoned. I began to walk up hills and very tall grass and dog feces. As I walked further, the landscape changed, the lawn was manicured, and the houses were beautiful. Children were playing and picnicking I still did not know where I was and as I walked across a road there was a building. I crossed the street and there was a black woman and a child (her son) sitting on a deck overlooking water. She was separated from the children playing. I told her I was lost and I need some help in getting to the airport. She pointed to a man in the crowd and told me that he could help me. I waited and told him that I was trying to get downtown. As he stood up I noticed he was 610 7 feet. I told him, if I could get there I would know how to get to the airport. He took me to meet another group of white people (they did not seem to be rich like the other group of people) and suddenly I was on a bus with group of people. We passed through another community. This time the house was not as nice (they needed to be renovated, painted, a little tender loving. This was a blend of residential and industrial. The streets were very narrow and tight, until we got on the highway. I never sat down I we rode on the bus. I just propped my self against the motor part of bus surrounded by these children.
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