Black and off white snake

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Black and off white snake

Post by restinhim on Thu Feb 10, 2011 6:24 pm

My husband and I are in a medical building with his brother and sister and there is a little boy about 3 years old running around the hallway from a floor high up which surrounded an atrium. My husband's sister mentions how dangerous that is because he could go flying over the railing. The little boy had no inhibitions or fear and we didn't see any parents around. My husband starts telling his brother that their sister was comparing this boy to how much she loved to play baseball and felt free doing that but his brother was not comprehending it at all and my husband was getting really frustrated. His sister is gone and now the 3 of us are in the waiting room of the office and this huge, fat snake that was black and off white stripes slithers up my husband's chair and up his legs and to his chest and my husband is saying "here, come here boy" like it is a pet or nice thing! Then the scene changes to me and the same snake bites me on my left hand and I am screaming to get it off and finally I yank it off but it I feel it wrapped around my upper left arm and squeezing so hard I really felt it like cutting off my circulation. The owner of the snake who I did not see at all or talk to gets the snake off me and we all walk outside the office into the hallway and I say what is the name of this thing anyway and the owner says caprea or capria (not sure of the spelling).

Need help with interpretation and especially around snake with my husband and me along with color of snake and name. Thanks!

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