New Christian Friend's Dream

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New Christian Friend's Dream

Post by restinhim on Thu Feb 10, 2011 8:04 am

My friend just got saved back in Oct. and she had just lost her dog, Fitch, who was her life. Well, he was really like her child since she doesn't have any and she had to put him down b/c of cancer. Her dog did seem to replace a lot of unconditional love she hasn't received in her life. The dream really upset her because her dog was in it so although I have some revelation about this dream of hers it would be great to get some confirmation. Also, wondering if her dog represents her emotionally or is symbolic of something else.

She was in her house which was completely empty but she was remodeling it. There were a couple guys from her work there and her boyfriend/husband--they are not married in the state's eyes but she has a wedding ring--long story. Anyway, the ceilings were fabric and the fabric wouldn't stay glued on so one of the guys was telling her it needed more like super glue. She was in charge of the remodel and these guys were helping. The ceiling was looking really bad and it bothered her. The other guy asked if someone had dropped their cell phone in the sink. She left to go to the store but the scene changed and she was at the vet's clinic and her dog, Fitch, was being given a shot and he was really drowsy looking and the nurse said the first shot didn't work so they would have to give him another. It really upset her but she didn't stay to see him pass away. As she was leaving the nurse gave her a plaque that she thought was about Fitch's life but it had a weird type font and she couldn't make out what it said except one word looked like it said Life but the bottom part of the L was not straight. The writing was in brown with an off white background. She left and went home and as she was going up the stairs she saw one slipper only, the other wasn't there beside it but she thought she knew Fitch hadn't taken it or eaten it because he was gone. She wasn't really upset at that point but knew she needed to finish the house.


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Re: New Christian Friend's Dream

Post by hind'sfeet on Thu Feb 10, 2011 9:24 am

Ok, this is not an interpretation but what I see.
Husband = roof= our covering
He, the husband is not really a husband quite yet = ceiling covering falling down lacking enough glue.

Remodeling house = Jesus fixing us up (this has been my experience in my dreams)

Jesus is saying that the boyfriend needs Strong glue and his glue right now is weak.

Jesus is = our Strong Foundation who Builds us Up an Refines us like Gold.
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