Armor with Lance

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Armor with Lance

Post by James Gerald on Mon Feb 07, 2011 12:58 pm

I was standing in full armor holding a lance, there was
someone shorter standing in front of me with full armor as
well holding a sign that said all fixed there was a man next
to us saying he wanted something back from me
I did not have it all paid off he said that he was
offered more money from someone else and he wanted it back.
Then a voice said to me no one is going to take
anything from you ever again my son.(end dream)
(There was someone in my life that walked away from me and
the sign was her idea for a company name)
Through seeking wisdom I belive this would be considered a vision
visions are direct and to the point ARMOR,LANCE,ALL FIXED.
In a vision it is what it says it is this is what I have learned corect me
if I am wrong after all I'm still learning as I was told to do HE wants
you to seek HIM and grab for HIM if you are not willing to pursue

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