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Post by James Gerald on Sun Feb 06, 2011 6:10 pm

Had a dream was in a giant banquet room , beautiful all the tables
covered with white covers with flowers on every table in gold vases beautiful
gold fixtures everywhere a beautiful white haired lady getting the room ready
for something, I was there with 2 other gentelmen & they said were going to find
your check for payment there was a beautiful staircase dubble wide very wide
they were still putting the finishing touches on it, for I guess some sort of
banquet, so they went up the staircase & I followed them came to the top of the
staircase went through a door there I stood 2 streets one going stright ahead
and the other to the right looked like door ways up and down both ways I looked
around but did not see the 2 men that came this way to get my check, I heard a voice coming from the right a womans voice and she was telling someone that stuff doesn't belong here refering to drugs.(end dream)
(Below is not part of the dream actually occured)
I've been through a long walk with him, HE promised me things during my conversations with him HE promised me a ministry of missions & a drug and alchol
councling center along with the missions HE started with 3 promises and added on to them then one day HE said to me 3 are as one, one is as 3, HE tied all the promises togeather I asked why because some of the promises seem quite impossible to me,
but I also know that HE does all things nothing is impossible for him after all HE knew who I was before I was formed HE knew his path for me and his purpose for me,
Also HE said I was writing books for him to GLORIFY him and his KINGDOM with
confirmation of a woman in church grabbing me by the shirt sleeve out of the middle of a crowd and said GOD told me to tell you that you are as SAUL, I've never seen her ever again HE has had someone else come to me a man seeking money I was reaching into my pocket, (he was saying something to me about if I loved CHRIST to give wouldn't be an issue) I was just trying to get the money out before I got my hand out of my pocket he was talking about missions and did I know where he could find a mission and he needed money for a bus ride to the missions so I handed him some more money and said I'll get you a address for a mission I turned to grab the door knob on this door turned it and turned to ask him something (2 seconds) he was no where to be found ( it was a wide open parking lot with just my car in it empty parking lot) Just thaught I would share this dream with you and some of my journey. Just a little more for you one night HE promised me a son 2 weeks later I'm in a store a lady walks up behind me and says I saw your son, I saw your son, I saw your son, then im in another store HE says to me have a picture taken for me I wan't you to see something ( a poloroid camera) the lady stared and stared into the camera
( I thaught what is taking so long ) she finally took the picture pulled out the film and said I saw your son I saw your son in the camera do you have a son? I said no but I was promised one, she smiled and walked out the back of the store never have seen her again either. The picture was full of light, Golden light, I could just barley make out my head and shoulders and lap, on my right side there is a silouite of a boy, mostly I could see his head and shoulders his two eyes and his mouth it was open like he was saying something it was full of light.( I was promised money for this minestry that he promised me that HE was taking care of it and HE wants his books.) that is what HE said to me, I LOVE HIM, HE MOST SHURLY HAS ME, I AM HIS FOREVER, there is so much to are story (HIS STORY, FOR HE IS THE AUTHOR, I JUST WRITE FOR HIM AND TO GLORIFY HIM ALL PRAISE BE TO THE FATHER! HOLY, HOLY, HOLY, IS THE LORD OF HOSTS!

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Wow beautiful dream/vision dove


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