flying, storm ,flying being tetherd

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flying, storm ,flying being tetherd

Post by genependergraft on Sun Feb 06, 2011 2:26 pm

I have had three differient dreams two I know are connected but any way
the first dream I was flying.It scared me at first I was able to stand with my arms outstreched to the side,And at will I could overcome the pull of gravity, take off and soar using the position of my arms to control. The next thing in this dream I was teaching others how to Fly Take them up in my arms.I woke
The next one I looked over my shoulder and I was impressed that I was looking to the East, there I saw as far to the north as well to the south a tremendous storm full of lightening full of death,it was far off.
The next dream was like the first I was Flying but without the ease or control , at the end of the dream I saw what looked like a huge cross tie like the ones on the railroad track , one end was shredded like it was rotted out but I was tied to it I had been trying to fly lieing or sitting on it.

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