REPOST - Extremely short dream about God, Holy Spirit and 2 numbers

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REPOST - Extremely short dream about God, Holy Spirit and 2 numbers

Post by angelwingz on Thu Oct 30, 2008 5:22 am

I should have been a little more clear about my dream(my fault).....I did notice an orange background and I saw written in big,black,bold font GOD HOLY SPIRIT 2,12......I was talking to God, i can't remember what I said but I do remember saying isn't there any other way????(I was begging) and I heard a voice "IT MUST BE THIS WAY." a few days later as i explained in another post I had the police at my house (due to a girl who was running away and said she was seriously abused by a parent)and being unsure of my decision,(i had to call the police because this situation dropped itself at my feet and unfortunately i had no where to run, which is what i wanted to do!) i believe the enemy jumped on it and i cried for 4 days straight and felt tossed about like a rag doll (spiritually) and emotionally. Im sorry i said i was settled about this dream because I am not. Im sorry for any confusion. During my spiritual attack, I felt alone. although I would quote scripture like I will never leave you nor forsake you....I didn't feel the presence of God. I know we can't go based on feelings, but stand firm on God's word alone - NO MATTER WHAT. I can't help but feel it was like a whirlwind of confusion tornado and still I am confused. I am learning and can't help but feel thickheaded. ?.? I am asking for further guidance on this maybe someone can see something where I can not. praying Thanks in advance for all your help and support and guidance!!! I love you guys!! and Gals!! :)

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Re: REPOST - Extremely short dream about God, Holy Spirit and 2 numbers

Post by Desiree (Starpop) on Thu Oct 30, 2008 9:13 am

I love your picture Angelwingz:

the only thing I got from reading your dream is: DEPEND ON THE HOLY SPIRIT. DEPEND ON THE LORD. DEPEND ON ME.

you may be going through some turbulent times, but all you can do is depend on God...period. He's the only one that can make miracles out of impossible situations. We just pray that God will continue to keep you in peace and hold your hand through every trial and tribulation. Even if you can't feel God's presence (sometimes you won't) just HAVE TO KNOW that he's there. AND HE IS. Remember how he was with the disciples in the boat sleeping when it was a rain storm on the water and he said "peace be still"? Remember how he was in the fire with the three Hebrew boys and praising God? Remember how he went with Moses as he told Pharoah to "let his people go?" God was even with Jesus as he went to the cross (even though Jesus said, "abba why has thou forsaken me?" He didnt of course but that is what it felt like when there wasn't an immediate response or move of God. God goes with us--always. So don't be afraid. Just keep believing nomatter what for victory. (Mark 5:36)

be blessed

Desiree (Starpop)
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Re: REPOST - Extremely short dream about God, Holy Spirit and 2 numbers

Post by daughterofgod1023 on Thu Nov 20, 2008 1:57 pm

First off Angel confusion is not of God, That is a smoke screen to make you feel weak, been there and bought that tee-shirt rofl , lol several times.....

However, I don't know much about the numbers, I know that they mean certain things and I will ask a friend of mine to look them up in her spiritual dream book.....I will get you an answer by the weekend...sometimes we are placed in positions to see how we are going to respond....what we are going to say etc...

I was in a similar situation with a very young child and later with a older child. One was treated badly and the other was left to fend for himself in the dead of winter,
I had to do what I felt was right in these matters....The devil just wants you to think strong enough that you are in the worng and by you not casting down the strong holds of your imagination allows him to stay there tormenting you everyway possible....Take authority over this matter and lift it up to God for His will to be done regardless that you may not understand what's going on....

He (God0 cares very much for His children, He hurts when you hurt, He laughs when you laugh, He is your comfort when you need comfort, He is your refuge, your stay, your rock

There is a verse I have on the wall above me mantel that says

LOOK UP, I CAN DO ALL THINGS IN CHRIST WHO STRENGTHENS ME....did you notice the first 2 words.....

also you can turn that verse around and it will encourage you

the strenght of the Lord is why I can do all things.......
awesome isn't it?

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Re: REPOST - Extremely short dream about God, Holy Spirit and 2 numbers

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