Playing a game, miniature cowboy hats, and cheating at the game!

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Playing a game, miniature cowboy hats, and cheating at the game!

Post by redeeminglove on Tue Feb 01, 2011 9:34 am

Hey everybody, I had this silly dream but believe the Lord is speaking to me. Can somebody offer me some insight, please? :)
I do not know if this is a “laugh out loud” dream or a “pay attention” dream.

The dream starts like this. I am at a church gathering (not my home church) and there is a game that is being played. As I get there, another team is in the middle of playing their game. I am at a table with my team mates and there is an older gentleman telling us the rules of the game (I cannot recall anything he says about the rules of the game). We are getting ready to start, but we know we cannot start until the other team is finished.
We decide that we are going to “scope” out the playing field so we have a better idea how to play when we start. As we are walking on the field, I am walking with a lady (her husband is the lead worship leader at the church I am at and IRL used to be in a professional Christian band). Her husband has their two month old baby and is holding his arms up and trying to teach him how to walk. (This baby looks like it is a brand-new born- It is slightly blue and wearing not clothes). We walk over to an area where a older gentleman from the other team is playing. He has a tool that he must use for the game and he is picking up little tiny “cowboy hats” with his tool. He is seemingly having trouble picking them up and there are TONS of tiny cowboy hats around.
(This is where I start to find the thought of the dream hilarious). I am with the same lady and some other people on our team (cannot recall who they are) and I say to them, “I’m going get some of these for when we play.” They go into another room and are not part of my “mischief.” I start stacking the “cowboy” hats and showing my team how easy it is to stack them- and I am amused with myself.
I know, I know. Maybe it does not sound so funny now, but when I think about it, I chuckle.
Can anybody offer me some insight to the dream?

Any insight would be appreciated.

Thank you

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