Racecar crash, then underwater fishing scene

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Racecar crash, then underwater fishing scene

Post by robertrayclark on Mon Jan 31, 2011 11:55 am

I am seeing from above as there are two race cars coming up behind a group of cars that appear to be all stopped. This appears to be a starting line I am not sure at that moment I am in the car and choose to pull out of line (then I am out of the car watching the race) I see the car I am in and a car next to me jump out of line and take a left the second car attempting to pass me, then it felt as though I was in the car and it felt fast, wow fast. then i was out of the car and it crashed into what looked like a neighborhood street with a center divider with grass and flowers and such and as the car was sitting in the street wrecked I could see that the drivers seat was sitting in the middle of the street empty. The dream focused on the driver seat being empty. I did not see the other car at this point

Next I was under water and somehow I saw that there was a man holding a fishing pole standing in a boat on a pond or a lake and a man attempting to assist him in gathering the fish from the water was about 10 feet away or maybe 20 to the right but I could not see that he was in a boat and then suddenly I was there under the water and the fish escaped their line I was thinking it is going to come to me and it did. It felt like its teeth at first grabbed me and I grabbed the fish with my right hand very firmly I did not want to lose that fish and I was determined to get it to the fisherman and I reached up from under the water and released the fish into the boat. IT was a a silver fish and it had scales and my whole hand from my thumb to my middle finger was squeezing very tight I had a firm grip on that fish. That was it.

Two nights before this I had a flying dream where I was flying in the dream and it felt so amazing and then i was on the ground and could not get back up there was something that was i the air i was trying to grab and could grab but could not fly with. I do not know what it was. It seemed like a stuffed animal type thing. Where I landed seemed like a dark forest trees all around.

I look forward to your assistance thank you so very much in advance.


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