Israel, politicians, car driving by itself, aeroplane late for flight

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Israel, politicians, car driving by itself, aeroplane late for flight Empty Israel, politicians, car driving by itself, aeroplane late for flight

Post by John7 on Sat Jan 29, 2011 12:20 am

Hi all

Had a really bizzare dream last night. It may be from God or it may be just my own thoughts, but i must admit, the dream was incredibly bizzare so I felt led to share it. If any of you fine folks have any comments or thoughts its appreciated.

I dreamt I was in Israel and the President of Israel was looking for me in his car. I then saw a Rabbi/Politician who is currently deceased for a moment but he ran away. I then remember being at somebody's house in Israel and they brought me something to eat, it was a large container full of hot cooked food with a glass lid on the top. However the glass lid on the top had a hole in it as it had been smashed.

I then recall meeting a girl who wanted to be involved in a intimate relationship with me. She pulled out a list that said: 1. Brazilian guy 2. Italian guy 3. White Guy etc. And she added me to her list of men she wanted to participate in sexual/intimate relations with. I think I may have agreed to be added to her list.

In another scene I was out the front of a residential house in Israel and a car was driving around by itself. There was nobody in the passenger or drivers seats, and this car was just driving around on its own with nobody driving it, it even drove up the drive way and then reversed back out on the road and drove around on its own. I must admit, it was pretty remarkable to watch, even in a dream.

In the next scene of the dream I needed to find the airport in Israel so I could fly back to Australia, I asked someone for directions. As I walked toward the airport I realized I had missed my flight at 9am, and it was around 12pm, but I managed to sneak on a 12pm flight with a 9am ticket, and got onto the plane and began heading back to Australia. That is all I can remember from the dream. But yes, it was extremely bizzare, probably one of the most bizzare dreams I've ever had.

Any comments on the dream are welcome and appreciated

God bless :)
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