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Post by HisLightbeam on Fri Jan 28, 2011 5:47 pm

I was walking with MY lt, and I was at first, just holding MY laundry over MY arms-MY things were on clothes hangers, but it was more convenient to carry them this way. they walked together through the department. they walked up a long hall. I was aware that I was not in uniform. I told them that I would be in in a moment. I wanted to change. so I walked into this room and it was filled with a youth choir. but the youth choir was talking noise about MY using their bathroom, which was large enough to hold several people at once, but I actually locked the door for more privacy. it looked like MY irl church restroom, now that I thought about it. I finished ressing and noted that I had a pleasing bee-waist, I had on a beige vest and matching pants, with a long-sleeved tan shirt. instead of changing into MY uniform, I had changed into a pantsuit. I saw MY uniform shirt, and knew the pants were somewhere. I was nervous about not having on MY uniform, but all of a sudden, I felt good. Then I woke up. Reference the bus dream, where I was training someone else to drive.

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