Cramped Quarters

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Cramped Quarters

Post by Elaine on Thu Jan 27, 2011 8:57 pm

I was in a large building with my son and we were walking towards the door where we lived, and the door to our dwelling looked like a closet door. When I opened it up it was full of neatly folded linens, but we had to somehow get in there to live. I stood outside of it as my son tried to get in, and started to sob, because we couldn't fit into this place and it was too small and I was tired of us living in this tiny space that was surrounded by larger rooms.
Then someone I didn't know approached me and said that they would show me other places in the building. So I followed them into other parts of the building, some were nice and some weren't, and I could see that there was another whole side of the building that was like a big house. I wanted to go over to that side and see it. We had to walk through an area of the building where I could tell that they kept a lot of dogs, and I noticed I was barefoot and the floor was very dirty, so I asked the person I was following why they didn't tell me to put shoes on my feet? They pointed to a pile of dirty shoes and said I could put on a pair of those, but I didn't because they were disgusting to me.

Finally we got to the house on the other side, and it was big and not very well lit. The rooms were a lot nicer there though, and in the kitchen/dining area there were two men who looked foreign sitting at the table. Then 3 or 4 kids came running up to us laughing, like they were going to greet us, and one of the kids came toward me with a few popcicles in his hand and flung them at my shirt. I got angry and asked him why he did that?! One kid laughed and ran off and I took the boy with the popcicles by his hands and had to forcefully bring him to the sink and make him put his popcicles in there. He was very resistant and I felt that I HAD to do this, and then go after the other child who ran away. I felt very responsible to teach them discipline, even though I didn't want to. I thought that if I wanted to live in the nicer part of the building then I'd have to live with these two men and kids. Then I woke up.
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