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Rock Stones falling Empty Rock Stones falling

Post by craj829 on Thu Jan 27, 2011 11:49 pm

I would like to give the context of my dream which would be of help for interpreting. I have currently been going through phase of problems in my personal life (Marriage & Job). I wanted to get married to a girl whom my parents don’t like. A man of god prayed and prophesied that god doesn’t like either me getting married to the one I like and that he has another girl in plan for me. I am working in a government organization since 4 years. Since one year when I got transferred I’m not paid salary for not getting the Last Pay Clearance (LPC) which is a departmental formality. To acquire LPC I have problems associated from my previous work place from my work side. The man of God also prophesied that there will be complaints against me in my job and that I will be coming out myself from my job and take-up another job. Problems to get married to the girl I like and problems to get salary paid for the work. It is in this context that I had this dream. My dream was………….

In my dream I was with 3 or 4 of my friends whom I don’t remember exactly. We all moved into an isolated old cave like place which seemed to be like a desolated auditorium. Prior to moving to this place I called my friend Naveen who did not pick my call. After we moved in I was sitting down on a big platform like thing and doing some writing work. We heard mighty sounds from outside and soon there was pieces of big rock stones falling into the entrance of the cave few of them came inside as well but did not hit any of us, I rushed fearfully to the entrance of the cave to see what was happening. I could notice a mightily big rock moving in the sky towards the cave while moving in the air it crashed the rocks on its way crushing them to pieces which were falling into the cave. I was telling my friends that it was the Second coming of the Lord as mentioned in the Bible. The rock came almost nearby the top of the cave and fell down into the sea (the sea did not appear earlier) outside the cave. The rock then had hit another big rock in the sea and stopped moving. Then everything was calm and pleasant as it appears when the rain stops pouring and the weather settles down. We all friends then moved outside the cave (there was no sea now, the rock and everything disappeared), it seemed like the entry into a small town. And now my friend Naveen whom I called earlier and did not pick my call called me himself. I asked him how was it there at his place (don’t remember what he replied). I told him that mighty things happened at my place, the news about which would be telecasted in the Television. I asked him to check the television sets. I stopped talking to him and I could see my brother who came to receive me in the small town like place….he took my bag and me and my brother moved along.
This was my dream …Please Post the interpretation. Thank you.

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Rock Stones falling Empty Re: Rock Stones falling

Post by Guest on Fri Jan 28, 2011 6:13 am

The rock is symbolic of Christ because He is the cornerstone. The mountain that you and your friends were is a fortress, a place of protection for you all. The sea is symbolic of the word of God. The big rock, which is Jesus, crushing the smaller rocks is Jesus protecting you and fighting your battles. The calm after the rock landed is the peace that you will find in Jesus when you call on Him or when you cast all your cares onto Him. The same thing applies to that as the brother figure in your dream. This is Jesus helping you to move away from your old life and guiding you to new life. He is waiting on You to call on Him to help you.

Iask for confirmation on this and got it from the Lord. But you can pray over this as well to get your confirmation. To God be the Glory. Amen and amen.


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