Taking care of a baby girl /losing my handbag/purse

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Taking care of a baby girl /losing my handbag/purse

Post by ggyal on Thu 27 Jan 2011 - 19:17

I dreamt that I was to arrive at a very poor family to take care of/adopt their little baby girl (about 1 year in age).

The family was so poor, their home was extremely small and seemed to be sitting in a swamp, i could see the mud and muddy tracks all around the house and actually thought that they were at risk by living in such a low area.

The mother, i remember her and i was to take the last of her several children. there were a few others a little older, like around 5 and 6 years old. And the other children were so excited that this "lady" would be taking their baby sister and looking after her. I remember them excitedly playing around me, squealing in excitement.

All i remember though is dressing the baby, cleaning her up really well, and after i did that, there seemed to be a change of heart, like i didn't need to take her after all. i remember thinking, ok... i dont know why, but ok.

The other part of the dream found me in what seemed to be a church/conference setting with a platform and several male leaders being seated. i remember thinking that i didn't seem to know any of the men that were being escorted to the seats on the stage. but i just kept going.

We seemed to be sitting on several tents. it wasn't a building. and at one point where i sat, i remember very plainly having the tent pole right next to me (the pole that stakes the tent to the ground) and I even curiously pushed against it a little, wanting to see how stable it was, it moved, but i was satisfied it was secure.

the last thing in that dream that was significant was that when time came for me to leave, i could not find my handbag/purse. and i was really upset. i kept thinking that i had money in it, and lost all of Id's as well.

as a matter of fact, i had a dream just shortly before this one (about a week ago) that i had only two bills, a $100 and a $1 ($101 in total) and when i looked at them closely, they turned out to be counterfeit, and i was so disappointed, wondering who would have done that to me. it seemed like i got them as "change" and i was mislead, so i told myself, i am going to the bank, i woke up while trying to get tothe bank. This counterfeit dream may not mean anything, not sure. but i wanted to know what the dream with the baby meant.

Any thoughts?

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