Dog Bit My Finger!

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Dog Bit My Finger!

Post by doublej1113 on Thu Jan 27, 2011 1:18 pm

Last night I dreamed that I was sitting down somewhere. Maybe at a festival. A small fluffy dog (poodle, bichon frisee or the like) was lying next to me. Another dog, a brown one about the size of the poodle tried to get next to me. He was a little aggressive and bit my middle finger on my right hand. It hurt. I heard myself scream. The owner of the dog took him and ran off. There was a little blood on my finger and you could see the bite wound. Then I tried to chase down the owner to ask if the dog had had its rabies shot. The owner ran off. And, at the site of the bite on my finger, the bite started to turn yellow/green and pus-like.

I read about the kidney dream. But, I am wondering if someone is trying to come between me and another. Thoughts?

I just joined this site. And, am so glad to have found it on line. I have always been an active dreamer. And, I believe that God talks to us in our dreams. He did it during Biblical times, why wouldn't He do it now?

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