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Post by srhone on Wed Jan 26, 2011 9:59 am

In this dream, I was in a small country town. I was with my grandmother and we were outside waiting to cross the street. I didn't know where or why we were where we were at first. However I must comment on how beautiful it was outside and how I felt. The day was a sunny yellow and everything was yellow and warm and I was so happy and I felt soo good! As I looked around at the other people who were on their way to this same place, they either had on yellow or a cream/winter white color. All of them were dressed very springy but also as if they were attending a nice shindig.

My grandmother went ahead of me and crossed the street to go into what I soon learned was a church. I waited to cross the street, at awe at the day and how lovely everyone looked. I noticed that Christian Relationship "guru" and author Michelle Mckinney Hammond was there with her yellow on and she looked lovely as well. There was a lady that I was familar with who also wore yellow with no sleeves however she seemed a bit insecure standing next to Michelle. Michelle was all smiles and confident!

Just as I was about to cross the street an SUV swerved around a car and drove fast past me. Then the car just went on pass, very calm like.

I crossed the street and saw that I was about to cross a field and go into this white church. I went in and I noticed that everyone had on either yellow, cream or winter white attire. I believe I had on some jeans and a gray hoodie/jacket (not appropriately dressed for where I was but it didn't matter bc the day was beautiful and I felt like I was in for a treat.

There was a darkskinned older man with white hair who was walking briskly beside me on his way somewhere (we were both walking up the isle of the church and I was going to find a seat on a pew and I don't know where he was going--we were walking up the isle not down the isle) and I asked him as I looked around why are all these people here and they all have on pretty much the same thing. Then he said something like "When 100 people show up all you can do is act/be professional" clearly looking around the church there were way more than 100 people in the church, it was packed!

Then I spotted my grandmother who was already sitting in a pew, she had all her stuff laying on the pew to the point that I thought there were more people sitting on the pew when it was only her there. She looked younger as I looked at her, she had a bob cut and her (normally salt/pepper hair was all black) she didn't look like my grandmother at all, but I knew it was her. So she moved her stuff over and slid down and I sat on the pew with her nearest the isle. I was all smiles as I looked forward trying to see what was about to happen. I was so happy!

When I woke up from the dream, I did something I wouldn't normally do, I felt prompted in my spirit to ask my roommate what she dreamt about that night and she got excited and wondered why I'd ask her. I said I just felt I should. Then she told me that she had a dream that she was in a small country town (wow like mine), and there was a black woman who was standing outside a church who was about to get married. She had on a HUGE white wedding dress. My roommate kept empahsizing how huge the dress was--as if it were larger than life.

So can anyone help me with this dream?! Thanks sooo much in advance!
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Post by Guest on Thu Jan 27, 2011 8:02 am

Hello Shrone, I have a strong feeling down in my spirit and I had asked God in the name of Jesus for a confirmation on this. I believe that your roomate and your dream means that the Kingdom of God is near and the Bride is His church.
To God be the Glory, Amen and amen.


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