An One Eye, All White Baby With that Lights Up Darkness

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An One Eye, All White Baby With that Lights Up Darkness

Post by Guest on Wed Jan 26, 2011 7:39 am

I had this dream a little before Christmas. I think I got the jest of it but want to make sure, so I will not state what I feel to influence others thoughts. Here is the dream: I dreamt my family and I was in this forest (like a Japanese garden with decorative bridges, ponds, etc...) and it was still light out. However, in this pond of clear water lay an infant. But this infant was special. She was completely white; not white in the race, but white. Her hair and skin was white like snow. She was dressed in a white satiny "Christening dress".She had one eye (the left eye) and her skin covered what would have been her right eye. My husband picks up and no sooner than he picks her up, it becomes pitch black and all of the sudden a large group of people began chasing our family. We could see them but hear them and they were angry. However, they did not want to cause us but the they wanted to kill this baby. I also noticed that the baby was our light. We couldn't hide because the baby lit up and for whatever reason my husband refused to let the people have the baby. From time to time he would hand to me because he was exhausted from running. But he warned me not to let anyone get near this baby. Then I awoke and I have some idea what it is but could look at two ways. Any ideas anyone?
To God be the Glory!

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Re: An One Eye, All White Baby With that Lights Up Darkness

Post by squirrelhop2 on Thu Jan 27, 2011 6:32 am

Baby usually means "ministry"(as you must already be knowing)
I guess that explains a lot,doesnt it?
the rest,depends on your personal situation and you might be the correct person to interpret it yourself.
God bless
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