Dolphin and purse

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Dolphin and purse

Post by kislj on Tue Jan 25, 2011 3:58 pm

I was carrying a toy dolphin and purse in my arms and was going to give it to someoneI got baptised with who was a friend until we lost touch. But she said I had stolen it and needed to give it back(I think maybe from my parents?) I remeber thinking but I did it for good reasons also I didn't realise I had stolen them. I remember seeing a girl rubbing cream onto the palm of her hand and I was thinking about spreading myself to thin

Was walking up some stairs and went into a room I returned the things onto an unmade messy bed. I then went to the other room which had a friend from my old church in it she had a message for me can't remebr what though.

In real life I do not steal but I wonder if it represents something in the spiritual that isn't literally stealing things.

Any ideas would be most appreciated
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