changing clothes and being late to service

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changing clothes and being late to service

Post by redeeminglove on Tue Jan 25, 2011 2:29 pm

Can somebody please give me insight to this dream – changing clothes in church and being late to service?
I had this dream: I was driving to a church that I just started attending its college group. I was trying to change my clothes on the way there (while driving). I put on my “work” uniform but thought that it just would not do.. the black shorts were too short and the red shirt was not too churchy.
I walk into the church and walked straight to the bathroom and changed again. There were two men outside, walking around the lobby during service. I walked into the service during the worship-LATE- sat down on my own. One of the two men was walking around the sanctuary with his guitar—kinda being goofy. Then a friend and one of her friends (I did not recognize her) came and sat down by me. I then realized that I had left my clothes that I had changed out of in the bathroom. I got up, thinking to myself, “I wonder if they have the same rules my former church has about leaving service early (irl: if a youth or somebody young leaves my former church early… say go to the bathroom, they are not allowed back into the service until it is over). I decided to leave the service and found my clothing on the bathroom floor. I picked it up and put it into a pile – particularly noting my black bra. I changed my clothes for the third time and wore a blue shirt and my favorite blue jeans and left it again in the bathroom, on the floor, in a pile.
I went back to service, but service seemed to be over. All I could see was the 2 girls who came to sit next to me. They were in between two rows of chairs and there was a long stack of chairs (something they do when service is over) that was blocking the entrance of the two rows of chairs so I could not sit back down and neither could they come out. I look behind me and the goofy guitar player is sitting on the chairs, still holding his guitar.
The goofy guy made some small talk but I cannot remember what was said—
Any idea? Especially being late to church, leaving clothes on floor, changing clothes, etc.

Thank you in advance for your insight

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