Borther chasing after my cousin to cheer her up.

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Borther chasing after my cousin to cheer her up.

Post by steadygaze on Sat Jan 22, 2011 11:27 pm

Hi a and blessings..

I find this interesting that the dream is actual events that have taken place in my family before my brother was murdered and still to this day.


It was my cousins Becki's birthday but she was very unhappy for someone reason. We had her birthday in this like hall place that connected to the house. When we sang Happy Birthday to her she got upset and ran to her room in the house. MY brother ran after her because he knew he could cheer her up. My aunt got concerned that incest was going on. I sat there going what!what

Now what is interesting my brother when he was alive was able to make Becki laugh and he would cheer her up. IN real life my aunt was worried about all kinds of things similar to what was in this dream. Once her son had a close friend and as far as she was concerned her son was turning gay. I mean just weird stuff. She tried the keep her son away from this boy.

What is throwing me off in this dream is the actual events in real life are the same in the dream. Does anyone know what that means in dream interpretation?
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