Two crazy dreams, same things

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Two crazy dreams, same things

Post by veroalij on Fri Jan 21, 2011 8:53 pm

I had two very different dreams these past two nights, neither one of them made any sense but I just realized that they had two common themes. The first dream was about a monster that was coming from underneath the house and I saw him stick his hands out and I was in a garage with a man who was a father but not my father and he was fixing something by a car, I saw the monsters hands and tried to get in the car to hide but there was just so much stuff packed in the car that I could barely get in. The second dream is very fuzzy but there was another father and he looked very confused about what he was doing and he was in a garage but the door was open and then he realized he was actually in his neighbors garage, who was also a father , I was standing out on the street curb just watching him as he, dazed and confused, walked to his own house which didn't have a garage.
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