Jamaica dream

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Jamaica dream

Post by Hiskid on Wed Jan 19, 2011 8:45 pm

I dreamed I was in Jamaica-but everyone was caucasion

scene One

there was a pretty pastel gingham dress I wanted to buy on a rack outside a shop size 5 my child's size
70 percent off and people-the shop worker and others were trying to tell me not to buy it like I couldnt afford it

Scene two

then my husband and I were driving and lost then on foot I heard a noise he told me dont go that way and I saw a large black dog but we didnt go near it and it didnt bother us then a pack of large tan dogs came running toward us

We went into a building to get away.

Scene three

I was at this daycare.

there was one worker there

It was a dirty roomand toys were small like Barbie shoes etc-dangerous for a baby

there was an Indian looking baby girl sitting there looking sad. She had a dress on but she was not wearing a diaper.

I asked if she was an orphan the woman said yes.

I got mad and said well this place is dirty and unsafe I am going to report you but I wont report you if you fix it!

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