Needing insight/interpretation on two short dreams

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Needing insight/interpretation on two short dreams

Post by racheal on Tue Jan 18, 2011 8:14 pm

(My apologies to the moderators. I initially posted this thread in the wrong place AND before I read the thread about receiving and interpreting and sharing manifestations.)

I believe I have some understanding about these two dreams, but not a lot. This is all new to me and I'm seeking to understand how I am to be praying in response to these dreams. I'm still new and learning.

1. I had a dream that my friend Pat left his silver pick-up truck at my house. (In my dream I lived at this house, but its not my literal house) I was going to wash it and as I sprayed it down with a water hose, some water go in it. Then he called me and said he was coming over in 10 minutes to get it. I remembered thinking that Pat was worried about seeing my friend Dennis at my house. When he came to the house, everyone was gone/other cars that were parked at this house were gone (I think there were 3 other cars parked in the drive way at this house but I didnt see anyone else in the house in my dream). When my friend Pat showed up, he was driving a big, new black truck. When I walked up to the truck, some guys got out of the truck bed and I knew they were all living gay lifestyles. And he never got his silver pick up truck

2. My friend Lee came to my condo (which is where I literally live) and at one point we were in the bathroom and there was all this fishing stuff hanging from the ceiling, walls and stuff. I mean, it was FULL of fishing stuff. I asked him what all the fishing stuff was doing in there and I think he said he just needed a place to put it all and I just said "ok"....and was peaceful about it....later on in the dream I was asleep in my bed, but my bed was in the dinning room of my condo (which is connected to the kitchen) and when I woke up and Lee was walking around in my kitchen....then we were at some summer camp?? the mess hall or something, getting food...we didnt really talk and then he sat far off with other people...we didn't interact but I was watching him.

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