wedding dream of a pastor marring an old women!

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wedding dream of a pastor marring an old women!

Post by rachel07 on Tue Jan 18, 2011 11:58 am

i had this dream i was at my old church God moved me from. I was at the alter playing with my little niece waiting for the wedding to get started. then I saw the bride walking down the aile with her dad. So i took my seat knowing that the pastor was making a bad descion. She was very old. with a vintage lace dress. It was odd becouse she came down the aile first before the groom whom usally waiting for the bride at the alter.(so that really stood out to me) thenn the pastor came out(hes single and not engaged to anyone in real life) with his head down walking slowly and thinking(he had his hand on his chin) i was sitting in the pew with my sister thinking if he wants to make this decision go ahead but its not right. then it cut out. ( i didnt see him get married it just cut out him walking down the aile) I had a not so good feeling when i woke up. like he wasnt really makin a good decision and it may be controlled.... any ideas

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