rod parsley, praying in tongues, painting & more

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rod parsley, praying in tongues, painting & more

Post by godsgirl4ever on Tue Jan 18, 2011 7:27 am

this morning i dreamnt i was in a large room with Rod Parsley (personally, I havent watched him for years) there were people in a part of the room taking care of things. he had 3 young men that went everywhere with him. he was showing me a piece of artwork, a painting explaining he had been selling different pieces to raise money. but this one piece wouldnt sell and he did not understand why.
well i noticed in the picture and respectfully pointed out to him that on the picture there are a group of people but if you looked closely you could see a man sitting in a style that one who would worship false gods like budda etc would be doing. he was in shock. and saying that must be it.
suddenly i fall to my knees and i am praying in tongues, he comes close as is waving his hand as ifsaying more more and listening close by my face. then he signals the young men and they grab a cloth laying it across my back and he has this stick that oil comes from (like how a deodorant looks) in which he begins to anoint my head with and praying... as i am praying in tongues it get stronger i get louder to where i am singing some of what i am saying in the spirit. then the 3 young men fall down worshiping and praying in tongues.
then as i stop Rod Parsley takes my hand and helps me to my feet and he says to come with him. I go with him and the men outside to a car. we get into the car and there is not much room so two of the young men ask if they can sit with me on my lap actually and i tell them just so long as we wear a seatbelt. which they say at the same time as me.
as we are leaving in the driveway area people are gathered around something he made out of game pieces and they are moving them around and he rolls down the window correcting them telling them no stop. i respectfully tell sir we can fix it later. and he is like yes...because we needed to get going.
when he pressed the gas the car wouldnt go. and he kept asking what was wrong and why werent we moving. i againing respectfully point out that the gear was in the "S" position which meant stop. he says that makes sense. so he puts it into gear and we begin to drive off.
then i was awakened by my alarm.

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