Leading a whole bunch of Kittens to the springs church and a crowed fallowed.

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Leading a whole bunch of Kittens to the springs church and a crowed fallowed.

Post by steadygaze on Mon Jan 17, 2011 6:20 pm

Hi friends,

I have been asking the Lord why over the last year I had quite a bit of dreams about taking care of kittens and messing up.


I had a whole bunch of kittens I was in charge of. I was suppose to take them across the country to a church Called something like the Springs Church. As I am trying to take care of them I forget to feed them or I give them water, then I go to this house and put them in the bathroom where they can sleep and stuff while I stay there and one of them falls in the drain. Now these kittens are babies like new babies. Anyway my friend Denea joins me in taking these little kittens to this Springs church or what ever. The next thing I know I am sharing with people about this church or whatever called Springs. The next thing I know I am leading a caravan to this Springs church. I get to my hometown but it was not my hometown if that makes sense and I get lost, so I stop in this parking lot to figure out directions and all of a sudden I see this mile long Caravan, my family were fallowing me to this place along with all these people I do not know.

Now what is interesting on my drive home today from being in Redding Cali I kept seeing trucks that say Hot Springs or spring creeks. It got my attention.

Please if you get anything from the Holy Spirit let me know.

Thanks so much
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