Delivering Truckload of Children's Toys

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Delivering Truckload of Children's Toys

Post by Paul RT on Mon Jan 17, 2011 9:13 am

I was driving a delivery truck with a small trailer attached, and waiting inside a large warehouse to exit. I pressed a button to open the entrance roller door. Because I pressed it too early a large white incoming truck nearly hit the door on it's way in.
The driver was angry and it swerved and almost collided with my truck. A policeman saw the event and spoke to this driver, who had calmed down when he stepped out of that truck. I didn't react emotionally to this incident, even though I could have been afraid.

I was asked to collect a very small load of children's books and deliver them to a St Matthias' Church Playgroup at Farrer ACT (Australia). As I was bending over to load the goods my jeans tore. A woman approached me and said that her jeans had also torn and this had revealed her buttocks.

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