captive on boat or van

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captive on boat or van

Post by sonflowerandgrace on Sun Jan 16, 2011 10:35 am

Good morning! My Mom has had a recurring dream for quite some time(we thought it was significant to a relationship she was in but has ended yet, it continues) The heart of the dream remains the same although the surroundings change: She is either in a boat or in a van being held captive. She tries to escape and sometimes succeeds only to be chased. If she escapes at sea, she is drowning. If she escapes from van, she is chased. The men holding her captive are unknown but scare her in her dream. She awakens shaken and scared each time. Perhaps the continuance of this dream even after her moving on from relationship is because she does not let it go? She is anxious about some health concerns at this time as well. I know God is leading and that He is near her in these times and always. Thank you for your kind attention to this dream!

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