? Helpers in my backgarden

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? Helpers in my backgarden

Post by kislj on Wed Jan 12, 2011 7:18 pm


just had this dream wondering if anyone could help

Was upstairs in my house it was dark outside my dad had just arrived he seemed angry. I saw him walk down the driveway then I saw lots of teenagers dressed in black following him but he didn't see them. I saw them go to our backgarden and hide in the farthest corner. I looked outback and I saw none of the rest of my family even noticed them.

I got scared and tried to switch off the lights in the room I was in so I could get a closer look at them with a magnifying glass without them noticing me. Unfortunately there were three light switches and I kept messing up with switching them off at the same time instead I brought more attention to my room as I was trying to put them off and I noticed that a girl frm the group had noticed the lights.

I went downstairs and my sisters said they were drawing circles in the garden I immediately thought witchcraft so I phoned the police they said they would come I noticed how quick and easy the reply from the police was usually it takes longer. Anyway it was like I saw in the spirit what the group was doing. they were sittting in a circle sharing curry. I think they were christians and they were wanting to help our family. Then I was confused

I woke up shaken in my spirit/scared and thinking of the Ghostbuster theme tune specially the line: 'who you gonna call ghostbusters'

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Re: ? Helpers in my backgarden

Post by daphanie02 on Thu Jan 13, 2011 3:31 pm

Is there some sort of organization or something that you feel may be borderline witchcraft? It could be that you seek spiritual authority (or pray for the Lord to shed some light on the situation) In the end you may be feeling confused becasue they are truely Christians who want to help. The curry makes me think of something extra unique that they share in common. Any of this making sense? This sounds like a dream i would have laugh often when im using a magnifying glass it is symbolic for wanting to see deeper into the situation. Or using the gift God has given me to discern a situation. Thanks for sharing this dream. :goodone:

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