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Post by king Rex on Tue Jan 11, 2011 7:21 pm

My dear wife dreams that she was getting prepared for wedding and instead for her best friend IRL (best friend) to attend to her she was rather in a room chatting with others while my wife dresses alone. Then she noticed her hair was that much, she couldn't even dress it well, so two men entered (IRL family friends) so 1 of the men noticed at the back of hair was not well done so he fixed it and then I walked in and with a broad smile on my face said how beautiful she looked, then as she came out on the aisle the other guest all seem unprepared and looking sluggish and she was given a hat to put on which seemed bigger yet couldn't cover her hair completely.

I pray i receive a divine translation and revelation of this dream is revealed unto us in Jesus Mighty Name !!!

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